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Ellesse Andrews | New Zealand Track Cyclist

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Seven weeks into my European training/racing adventure, and I’m absolutely loving it. Our New Zealand team is based out of a small town called Gavirate, which is surrounded by amazing riding, and some gorgeous scenery to take in along the way too. 

The first three weeks here were purely training, getting in some long road rides, and just more miles on the bike. I found this tough, as it was really different to the training I had been doing in the past. Increased hours on the bike meant that a lot of the time my days would consist purely of, ride, eat, sleep. Maximal recovery during this period was key, so I was able to do it all again the next day!

Although this period was tough, I really enjoyed pushing myself to a new limit, and am now seeing the results as I am fitter, and stronger than I’ve ever been. 

My block of racing began with an outdoor track race in a town named Fiorenzuola, in Italy. This was held over four days, and included a Scratch race, a Points race, Madison, and an Omnium. I didn’t quite know what to expect going into this, as the field contained multiple Olympians, World champions, and Commonwealth medallists, some of which I have been looking up to as role models since starting cycling in 2014. Fair to say the races there were among some of the toughest I have competed in to date, but I was able to come out of the week with more confidence in myself, and so many things to work and improve on for my next race.

Almost two weeks ago I arrived home from another 4 day racing series, much similar to the one I competed at in Fiorenzuola. I was able to come away from the few days with two 4th places, and so much improvement from the racing only a week and a half before. This is such a great feeling as I am able to really see the results from this hard training block coming through in my race fitness, but am also able to see the differences in how I am handling the race tactically too.

Our four day criterium racing block in the Netherlands has just wrapped up, and again I have taken so much out of the races and could see myself improving, even in the short space of 4 days. I was happy to sprint for two fourth places, and a sixth over 5 races total. 

I am now in Belgium for the last 12 days of my trip, competing in one 120km UCI road race, and three Kermeses (large circuit races). Having been over here for over 7 weeks already I’m missing my family and friends back home in New Zealand, but am so thankful for this opportunity to train in race in Europe. I’m extremely excited to get back on the track in August, before the World Cup season and the second half of semester B at University begins!

A reminder that if you would like me to engage in anything upon my return in order to give back, I would love  to do so.

My journey to Tokyo 2020 just got a whole lot stronger!

Thank you again for your continued support.

- Ellesse



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