The Perago Trust is 100% funded through private donations and funds raised at regular events.  All trustees give their time and expertise on a purely volunteer basis.  The on-going establishment of partnerships with sporting organisations, business houses, the community, and providers of professional services gives the Perago Trust the unique opportunity to assist young athletes to progress in their sporting careers.

Why support the Perago Trust?

As well as getting the satisfaction and 'feel-good' factor from helping out dedicated local athletes you will receive the opportunity to purchase priority tickets for any Perago Trust run events.  You will receive regular feedback from the trust on who we are helping out and updates on their achievements. This is your chance to contribute to the career of young athletes as they strive to become world famous in their sport.

Unfortunately the Perago Trust was not able to register for charitable status and are unable to issue a charitable donations tax rebate receipt.

How to support the Perago Trust

Funding is the number one means of assistance young athletes ask for.  Donations of any size are always appreciated and go directly towards supporting the Perago applicants.  Donations can be once off or on a regular payment schedule.  If you would like to discuss how you can help please click here

Perago Supporters


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