The Perago Trust has two funding rounds per year. These open on April 1st and September 1st and are open for four weeks. Grants can range from $500 to $5000 with up to ten athletes receiving funding each round.

Who can apply?

Any young athletes, with strong links to Cambridge, competing seriously in sport and aiming for NZ representation can apply. Significant weighting is given to applicant's strength of connection to Cambridge, as well as how clear their direction (goals) and character are.

Applications Open 01 September


  • Applicants must have a strong link to Cambridge and have the intention of living in Cambridge
  • Applicants should be between 16 years and 24 years old
  • Applicants should be a National Champion, NZ Representative and be a non-carded athlete.  
  • By accepting a grant, recipients are obligated to provide regular updates on their sporting achievements during the year, these will be used for media purposes at the discretion of the Perago Trust.  Grant recipients are encouraged to follow Perago Trust social media sites and also share relevant posts.  The Perago Trust will continue to
    use recipient's achievement on social media sites as they progress outside funding criteria.
  • Only online applications will be considered.
  • A parent or guardian should assist applicants under the age of 18 when completing the application.
  • The trust is happy to provide feedback on why any applications were not supported and to provide advice or support for future applications.
  • Recipients are required to provide invoices or receipts as proof of funding use.

    Disclosure - The Trustees have discretion and power to approve recipients outside of these guidelines in circumstances they decide warrants their consideration.  The Trustees decision is final and no justification or correspondence will be entered into it.

    Our trustees are available to help and advise with applications

    Online applications should be accompanied by a sponsorship proposal or profile in PDF format, maximum of two pages.  This should include a purpose for funding and a budget, a letter of support from your National or regional sporting body, and evidence of your community connection to Cambridge.  Please contact with any questions about the application process.


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