The Perago Trust was established in 2012 to support young athletes in the Cambridge community to achieve their best in their chosen sport. 

Perago is made up of twelve trustees from the Cambridge area with a vast amount of experience and expertise across a range of industries and sporting codes. 

Each trustee has a specific skill set to contribute to the trust, with backgrounds in coaching Olympic and high-performance sport, sports management, finance, business, education, community, and charitable leadership.


Cambridge is well known as the "Town of Champions" and has a natural affinity to sport with more elite athletes per capita than any other town in New Zealand.

It can be difficult to cross the gap from potential to elite success and the Perago Trust aims to assist young athletes in Cambridge to make that leap.

Elite athletes often have access to funding, sponsorship, and general support, where as young and gifted athletes in the level below can slip through the net and never realise their full potential due to a lack of finance, guidance, and support.

By using their combined skills, knowledge and contacts the Trustees and supporters provide access to funding, employment, financial planning advice, sponsors, sports management and wellbeing advice assisting these promising young athletes to make the next step up.


  • Support is targeted at young athletes with strong connections to the Cambridge region
  • The health and wellbeing of athletes will always come first
  • All donated capital and investment income will be applied to supporting young athletes
  • All services, support and resources given by Trustees to recipients will be provided free of charge

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