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Most apologies for the very late email in getting to you about my USA and BMX Worlds review.

USA started off strong with the first race weekend where I managed to get a 3rd place which I was unbelievably happy with, knowing and seeing so much improvement since the last time I was there.

The next day came around where I was feeling comfortable winning all my qualifying races, semi final came around where I banged elbows with the rider next to me at the bottom of the starting ramp which saw me go straight into the take off of the jump having me bounce and summersault and land in the middle of the jump, with that happening my weekend of racing was over and done. 

I came away with a pretty swollen up knee so I took a week to let it heal and come right before I got back on the bike and in the gym to get better and faster for the world champs only a few weeks away. 

Once I got to Colombia for the worlds I had never felt so fast and controlled on my bike before. After two of the official practices done on the track feeling great. Race day got here and I won both my qualifying races, that put me in to the 1/8th finals where they then take the top 4 placings from the 8 in the race to move onto the 1/4 finals then same procedure to go through to the 1/2 finals and the main final.

The gate dropped in my 1/8th final and I got the lead heading into the first corner where I held a strong lead from there feeling really controlled, heading into the last corner I had a comfortable lead to successfully go through to the next round when taking the last turn a little too tight cause me to crash and end my world championship dream right there and then. Having all the hard work and training not pay off with how I liked was definitely hard to take but gotta move on from it and see what next year brings. With getting over the injury from that I haven’t been on my bike for long, mainly just been in the gym trying to get some strength for the season, I had the North Island Championships over Labour weekend where I’m happy to say I won the title for my age, stoked considering the amount of time I’ve had on my bike since world champs.

I would like to thank you for your funding donation for my trip, it was and is greatly appreciated! I am sorry I couldn’t bring you back a good result. If you would like I can get one of my New Zealand race jerseys framed for you as a thank you gift?


Jarrod Browning


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